Lorella Flamini   ILLUSTRATOR                   illustratrions for children


I was born in 1963 in a little town in the north of Italy, Fagnano Olona, not far from Milan. This town was located close to woods, lakes, hills, and had an inspiring view of the Alps. I was able to live a kind of wild life like that "Tom Sawyer" - my preferred childhood book.

Ever since I could stand up alone, I used pencils and colours. In the beginning I painted my happy parents’ house. Later I graduated from a local Art high-school and since 1984 I have been working as a free-lance illustrator.

Initially I worked for advertising studios, creating hyper-realistic illustrations. I extended my activities to publisher of greeting cards, posters and gift wrapping papers. During the past 15 years I have illustrated and edited stories for more than 50 children’s book. Most of these stories have then been translated and published in various languages.

Recently I’m creating educational kindergarten books.


Illustrator since 1984

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